Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dreama's Online class - Week 4 & 5

Week 4    "Seated In The Garden"         14" x 11"                 Oil on canvas board  #20027617A

               Week 5  "Gathered In Love"
                                          12" x 12" Oil on canvas board

These two paintings are my rendition of an online art class I took with Dreama Tolle Perry. The chair is Week 4 and the flower pot is Week 5. I am going to have to take better reference photos for myself as I love her photo references, all the composition work is done!

The painting of the chair was given to the Mount Royal Staff Association as one of their door prizes for their professional development day. I put Dreama's info on the back and that I had completed it in her workshop.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dreama's Online class - Week 3


Week 3 "Sunflower Smiles"
12" x 12"
Oil on board     #20025617

This is the Week 3 painting of her course, again my rendition but her instruction and photo reference. I am now on the look out for blue mason jars (haven't found any yet).  I love her colours and style of painting. She introduced me to the beautiful "Caribbean Blue" colour that I would never of purchased (to expensive to try). It is the colour in the jar. It is definitely going to be in more of my paintings! 

This painting will be a door prize at the Eagle Valley Brush and Palette 38th Annual Art Show from June 28 until July 4 at the Red Barn Arts Centre in Sicamous, B.C. Stop by, fill in an free entry form and meet some wonderful artists and  a variety of artwork.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dreama's Online class - Week 2

I have signed up for an online workshop with Dreama Tolle Perry. Her first image and instruction (week 2) is of a photo she took of a cupcake. I watched the video instruction and painted along (first cupcake). Later I painted a second cupcake just using the photo reference. I enjoyed painting these cupcakes so much I am going to have to buy some fancy ones,  paint them and then enjoy eating them (at least that is my excuse!).

"My Little Cupcake 1"
8" x 8"
Oil on wood

The second painting was done on canvas paper so it had a different textural feeling. I used the same colours and reference photo but the speed and how I felt while painting it was so different.

"My Little Cupcake 2"
8" x 8"
Oil on canvas paper

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Rock Garden Beauty

"Rock Garden Beauty"
Oil on canvas panel     8" x 10"

This is my first en plein air painting of the season. I found this little rock garden at the side of Main Street Park. It was the first morning I joined Eagle Valley Arts Council (EVAC) and because it was an overcast cool morning Kim and I were the only ones there. It felt great to be painting outdoors and was nice to have company while I painted and Kim sketched.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Beyond The City

"Beyond The City"
Oil on canvas    16" x 20" framed

Jean Ellithorpe (at Sicamous Brush and Palette Club) showed me a couple of beautiful acrylic paintings she had done on black gesso. I had never tried that so with a borrowed photo from Jean, some tips and suggestions, this is the end result using oil paint. I really had to change how I handled the colours working on such a dark background. Thanks Jean for the inspiration and suggestions!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Splash Of Pink

"Splash Of Pink"
12" x 9" Oil on canvas

The photo reference is from Teri Sanders that was shared on Facebook for other artists in the group to use (Thanks Teri). I went bolder with colours and really had fun with this one. I loved the little sprigs of baby's breath as a design element.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Roselyn's Garden

Roselyn's Garden
12" x 12"   Oil on board

The reference for this photo was shared on a painting course by Esperanza Arato for other's to paint in the group. The photo is of her sister Roselyn's garden. It was a very busy and complicated photo therefore a challenge to add and delete elements as I saw fit. Roselyn's garden is a cornucopia of shapes, sizes and colours, it must be truly beautiful to enjoy it personally.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Dancing Shadows

I loved all the flowers that grew in random places in Mexico. They popped over the stucco fences seemingly warming in the sun. The shadows were forever changing in the slight breeze.

"Dancing Shadows"
20" x 16" Oil on canvas

Friday, May 26, 2017

End Of A Great Day

"End of A Great Day"
16" x 20" Oil on canvas - framed

This painting is in the juried Federation of Canadian Artists - Calgary Chapter "Absolutely Art" Show at the Earl Grey Golf Course in Calgary tonight 4pm - 9pm and Saturday 10am - 5pm.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Enderby Cliffs

This large painting is one of my current favourites. I painted a smaller panel "en plein air" (on location, outdoors) and loved the whole feeling and wanted to capture it in a large format. The sun was getting ready to go down and the lighting on the cliffs behind was magnificent with the brightly lit foreground. I had initially had the value of the mountain to dark and detailed and with the more muted tones and less detail it sat back instead of competing with the foreground (thanks Doug). 

"Enderby Cliffs"
20" x 24"
#20023517        Oil on panel